The Key Ingredients


Jami Coleman, Shop Owner

Favorite quote: “What’s on the table is not as important as who is in the chairs.”

Cravings: “If you’ve got a Diet Dr. Pepper & a Cupcake, then you’ve got lunch.”

Overused phrases: Calls everyone “Sweet Cheeks”

Family: Married to a Razorback-obsessed hometown boy, while surviving amidst two teenagers—a son with powerful pitches and a delightfully dancing daughter.

Mealtime: “We make family dinners a priority—it’s the one time we all come together amidst all the sports and dance and crazy schedules. When I bring home Beef Enchiladas from the Kitchen, everybody’s happy.”

Jami has owned Creative Kitchen since Jan 2006, pursuing her dream to always own a small business. It’s a perfect fit, allowing her to express her uniquely creative personality. Over the years, she’s enjoyed expanding the kitchen, gifts, and home décor the shop offers, and it’s been her goal to make Creative Kitchen a place people can come buy a one-of-a-kind birthday cake, unique birthday gift, fun card, and family-style dinner all in one stop. Much to her delight, the shop has also become a destination where people want to bring their out-of-town friends and family to shop.

Meredith Eddins, Shop Coordinator:

Cravings: Chocolate cake from the Kitchen—the more chocolate, the better.

Overused phrases: Creator of all words ending in –y or –ie.

Family: Married to a Colorado-boy turned Southern gentleman. Meredith is Super-mom to a teenage son and 3 younger triplets, all actively engaged in sports. When people comment on her having triplets, she always responds, “That’s my best trick.”

Mealtime: “Our family is always on the run so when we sit down for a meal, it’s golden time. I’ll bring home Chicken Pot Pie from the Kitchen and lively conversation always ensues.”

Meredith joined Jami and crew in 2011 as the bubbly, smiling face that welcomes and befriends all who walk through the door. She loves getting to know customers, and helping them find new and fun items or goodies from the shop.

Cindy Kennedy, Cake Designer:

Passions: Loves to experiment with cooking and will take home unique ingredients or the latest tools from the kitchen to test and create something totally new. Whether icing a fabulous wedding cake or using a skill saw, she’s artistic in all facets of life.

Family: Married to a self-employed creative Cajun, Cindy and her husband enjoy their smart, precocious son and together the family continues to collect an ever-increasing number of pets.

Cindy came with the building—she’s been at Creative Kitchen since 2000 designing cakes and cupcakes. She can take any recipe and blend each ingredient together for amazing-tasting and beautiful creations.  She’s followed family celebrations through the years from couples’ weddings, to baby showers, through birthdays, and anniversaries. She’s honored to have been included through the circle of families’ celebrations.

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